Game and Nature Reserve

Lake Ossiach is the largest of the lakes surrounding Villach and also the third largest in the state of Carinthia with a surface area of 10.38km. The lake features several quiet natural shorelines to relax on, the magnificent backdrop of alpine mountains.

Lake Aichwaldsee is quiet and inviting lake lies close to the much larger Lake Faak but has just as much to offer. In contrast to the clear turquoise waters of Lake Faak, the waters of Aichwaldsee are quite murky and dark but the quality of the water is still first rate.

The Dobratsch Nature Park is located on the Villach Alpine Road and offers a variety of activities and sights to engage in, all set in the wonderful surroundings of the alpine mountains.

Lake Faak is a lake in the Austrian state of Carinthia. With an area of approximately 2.2 kmĀ², it is the state’s fifth-largest lake. Image Map